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Date: June 1st & 5th 2022

What to do:


*Ask a friend or family member to sponsor you by cartwheel or by a flat donation. Explain why Wimgym is doing a cartwheel-a-thon.

*Have a sponsor write in name, address and amount pledged with signature.

*Perform the maximum number of cartwheels in 5 minutes on: June 1st or 5th .The is no maximum this year. The scorekeepers will count the number or cartwheels and hand in scores to the scoring table officials.

*For parents participating there is a 5$ buy in to try and do as many cartwheels as possible to win a prize.

*In the days after the event, collect and return money with this pledge sheet. Please clearly identify the envelope with your NAME AND CARTWHEEL-A-THON and return to your coach before the 9th of June. You can return the money at the cartwheel-a-thon if you do not need to collect money afterwards.

Please note this is a fundraiser but also an opportunity to reduce your gymnastics fees related to your daughters training. 25% of the money you collect will be redistributed back to you once the event is over.

Thank you and good luck!